Roy Beagley,
Owner and Chief Executive Officer:

The Romance Hour,
Folk on Gold,
Roy Beagley Show,
Magic Music.


Roy lives in Connecticut in the USA and presents a monthly folk show, the Roy Beagley Show, the Romance Hour, the show Galaxy Gold syndicates to other radio stations and Galaxy Gold Remembers. Roy says 'I have a multi-toed cat called Birdie, love the Mapp and Lucia books by E.F. Benson and miss a good pint of British ale more than I can say!

Every time I listen to Galaxy Gold, I learn something new and love the fact that I'm hearing what the presenter has chosen for me rather than a computer.

The Romance Hour is a laid back show where, in all honesty the less of me, the better the show is. Magic Music plays spme laid back tunes. The monthly Folk show allows me to look at the roots of folk music, and I am always amazed as to how there can be SO many versions of the same song.

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