Chris Clark:
Chris Clark Show,
Solid Gold Jukebox,
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Before the Beatles.


Chris Clark was a sexagenarian, but he kept taking the pills and he has moved on to being a septuagenarian which of course is the new quinquagenarian.

Chris Clark thought he'd retired in 2011 and rewrote his Twitter profile to read: "Former radio presenter, record shop owner, journalist... it's all in the past." Guess he spoke too soon!

Chris says: "I have loved 45rpm vinyl records since 1954 when my mum and dad bought a Guy Mitchell EP, and pop music radio since I discovered Saturday Club on the Light Programme."

His other likes include reading, movies and television - anything that involves sitting about doing nothing really. Chris asked us not to include that he is a big fan of Dr Who, comic books and professional wrestling as it makes him look like a geek... so we won't... oops!

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