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Programs shown below are available for private listening only.

No show is allowed to be reproduced or
re-broadcast without written permission from Galaxy Gold Radio AND the
presenter of the show

Shows are normally added within 24 hours of the original air date and only the current show is available; although some "specials" are also available for listening.

This is a private service and shows are available for private listening only.

Roy Beagley:
Latest Folk on Gold
Lastest Romance Hour Show
Past Romance Hour shows available

Elaine Tyson:
Latest Covers
Latest Doowop

Jonny Glaze:
Latest Then and Now
Francis Donnelly:
Latest Classroom Classics
Latest DJDax Show
Latest The MissTShow
Dave Englefield:
Latest Vinyl Countdown
Jim Stevens:
Latest Happy Hour
Mark Weech:
Latest Mark Weech Show: Hour 1; Hour 2
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